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BDCS Summer Workshop Program

Our evening Summer Dance Workshops are a great place to try a new dance style, discover a new interest, or for a student new to dance, a chance to see what it is all about.  In our four week workshops experience various dance forms like Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Acro.  Classes are small – there are only 10 dancers per class for the 2-5 year olds and 15 dancers in all other classes. This allows each student to get the personal attention needed to progress during the workshop program.  Classes are available for dancers ages 2 to adult.  Classes meet twice a week and run Monday-Thursday, July 10th through August 4th.  Meet our faculty and check out our classes below.

Meet Our Faculty
Ms. Maureen Rafferty

Maureen Rafferty  is a graduate of Montgomery County Community College where she was the Vice President/Choreographer/Dancer for the school’s Dance Ensemble.  In the spring of 2012, she was honored to have her choreography adjudicated at the American College Dance Festival at Penn State University.  She has performed in several plays and musicals at theaters in and around the local area. She also has been a part of numerous films shot in the Philadelphia area.  

Ms. Chijioke (ChiCHi) Robinson

Chijioke Robinson has a BA in Human Service Counseling and Dance Performance from Old Dominion University. Ms. Robinson also had her MA in Education and Mental Health Counseling from UPenn. She has an extensive performance career and performed with Miss America Pagent, Operation Smiles, Todd Rosenlieb’s Second Company,  Dancers and Mina Estrada (D.A.M.E), Philadanco II, and Danse4Nia Dance Ensemble.

Mrs. Heather Wrubel-Director
Heather has trained in Europe and has a BFA in Dance Education from the University of the Arts.  Mrs. Wrubel has performed in the touring Nutcraker in Germany,  and Paul Taylor's Esplande in the 2000 Feet Festival in Philly.  She has directed dance programs for military rec departments and a performing arts elementary school in Georgia prior to opening BDCS.  She is passionate about the growth and development of children through the art of dance.

A classical style of expressive dance based on precise conventional steps with gestures.  Movements are graceful, fluid and typically leads to a theatrical representation of a story.   Students enrolled in ballet learn both classical and contemporary ballet styles.  Ballet is is the basics of all dance forms and all students are encouraged to learn ballet technique.  It increases success in other classes and reduces the risk of injury to a dancer.

Tap uses rhythms and beats with the feet. It can be done acapella or with music.  Tap is a historical part of musicals and Broadway shows, movies and TV entertainment.  However, tap has evolved and changed into more contemporary movement.  Students are challenged to find new ways of making rhythms and sounds with the feet using more revolutionary music as inspiration.  Tap dance is a great skill to have as a performer. 
Jazz &
Hip Hop
Showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Personal interpretation and execution is encouraged. This style of dance is very energetic, fun, consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns.  This class works on coordination and speed.  It challenges students to apply technique in combinations and routines learned in class. 

A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dance connects the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  Lyrical expresses the music being played with fluid movements and gestures.  Both are three dimensional spatially and offers more range of motion for the dancer.  Students  learn various styles of movement to include, Horton, Lemone, catch and release, fall and recover.  
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See What People Are Saying...
"We found everything we hoped for, and so much more.  The talented and dedicate teachers at BDCS push the dancers to work hard, challenge them to achieve higher goals, help them to express themselves, and  at the same time, every dancer is having fun."
-Nina Kindij, Parent
"Kate has been thrilled to grow as a dancer since she came to BDCS 2 1/2 years ago. With the help of dedicated teachers, she has been able to improve her technique and gain tons of confidence on the stage! She enjoys all of the hours she spends with her "dance family"!"
-Jen McCarthy, Parent
"Since her enrollment my daughter has gained alot of  confidence, has gotten alot better with her technique in ballet, lyrical, jazz and Hip Hop and her love for dance has gotten greater."
-Waleska Gonzalez, Parent
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